The teachings of Buddha in three words

“Shortly after the Buddha was enlightened, there’s a story that he was walking down the road, met some people who saw him and he was in a very happy state.

He was supposed to have been a very handsome prince before his going off to be a monk. So here’s this handsome prince and now wearing golden robes and recently enlightened and … very happy and very special from all accounts.

And they saw him and they said, ‘You seem very special. What are you? Are you some kind of an angel or a deva? You seem inhuman.’

‘No,’ he said.

‘Well, are you some kind of a god then?’


‘Are you some kind of a wizard or a magician?’


‘Well, are you a man?’


‘Then what are you?’

And he answered, ‘I am awake.'”

~ as told by Jack Kornfield in the audiobook, The Power of Meditation


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